GMR has worked with Direct Relief (DR) of Santa Barbara, California (a non-profit corporation) since 1984. DR acquires Medical Supplies and Equipment from various companies and health organizations and arranges the packing and shipping of these to many countries that are in need. GMR has partnered with DR and sent millions of US dollars worth of equipment and supplies to Guyana. Originally, 2 hospitals were supported. This has grown to more than 8 and has expanded to include satellite health facilities and clinics. While GMR continues this core mission, we are embarking on new efforts to address other health needs within the country. GMR’s original mission of working in close partnership with Direct Relief remains quite strong. Like any successful organization, GMR continues to assess if there are additional Healthcare horizons for us to cover, and we have.


toms3GMR is proud to announce that we are in our second year of partnership with TOMS shoes. This partnership has allowed us to supply Guyana’s children with footwear from Grade 1 to Grade 12. This will be done annually and it is our hope to cover all the Regions of Guyana on a continuous basis.
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clinicVIA, Visual Inspection with Ascetic acid of the cervix has proven to be a relatively inexpensive and successful method of identifying cervical abnormalities associated with cancer. Its main purpose is early detection and treatment to prevent the onset of cervical cancer. The need for the VIA (Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid) clinic was obvious. Cervical cancer is the third leading cause of cancer deaths in women worldwide. Guyana falls within this range. The positive rate of the VIA test is approximately 12.5%, and this statistic demanded the need for such clinics. So far, GMR has built three VIA clinics, at Mahaicony, Bartica and Charity.
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DESKAN INSTITUTE & TRAINING, Inc. is a non-profit organization based in Stone Mountain, Georgia. It is led by a Guyanese, Dr. Joan Liverpool. She has been leading volunteer-supported medical and educational missions to Guyana for over a decade. Guyana Medical Relief has supported these missions since 2005, which are focused on conducting free medical clinics in various villages around Guyana, as well as training health and community participants on various topics so they can train others in their community. These missions are staffed by volunteers from the medical profession in the USA, including doctors, nurses, and medical educators.
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GMR also supports the following programs : Stemming the Tide, an HIV/AIDS treatment and support program sponsored by The Volunteer Youth Corps; A Mobile Outreach Clinic which serves people with chronic conditions and the poor in Georgetown, sponsored by Mercy Hospital; Mahaicony Missions project, which serves the Missions in the Abary and Mahaicony Rivers.


Over the years, GMR has undertaken special projects to support hospital functions when necessary. Some of these are: an X-Ray center in the Mahaicony Hospital; a Mortuary in the Mahaicony Hospital, both to serve the Guyanese community where these facilities were previously void; a computer system with patient information software and an EKG machine for Linden Hospital; a commercial washer and dryer for Davis Memorial Hospital; sewage pumps for the New Amsterdam Hospital.