Over the past four weeks, Guyana Medical Relief Inc. has distributed thousands of new shoes to children in most of the Administrative Regions in Guyana. Thanks to its partnership with TOMS. Sharir Chan, Chief Operating Officer of GMR, thanked TOMS for the gift of new shoes and expressed his anticipation for the next shipment. TOMS makes a commitment to give every 6 months to ensure that children’s feet are protected with well-fitting shoes as they grow.

Blake Mycoskie, an entrepreneur from Arlington, Texas, founded TOMS in 2006. While traveling in Argentina, Mycoskie befriended children that did not have shoes to protect their feet. Wanting to help, he created TOMS, a company that would match every pair of shoes purchased with a pair of new shoes given to a child in need. One for One. ™“I was so overwhelmed by the spirit of the South American people,” he said, “especially those who had so little. And I was instantly struck with the desire — the responsibility — to do more.”

During its first year in business, TOMS sold 10,000 pairs of shoes. Blake returned to Argentina later that year with family and friends and gave back to the children who had first inspired him. Thanks to its great customer base, TOMS has now given over 2 million pairs of new shoes to children. The company now gives in over 40 countries and partners with charitable organizations that incorporate new shoes into a variety of programs including health, education, hygiene and community development initiatives. TOMS Giving Partners are made up of NGOs, charities and non-profits that are established in their countries and familiar with the needs of their communities. It is the expertise of Giving Partners that helps TOMS to give responsibly and sustainably. . Furthermore, TOMS commits to their Giving Partners for the long term, providing new shoes for children every six months so that children have access to well-fitting shoes as they grow.

The Guyana Medical Relief and TOMS partnership began about a year and a half ago. Thousands of shoes have been distributed in all Administrative Regions, save Region 9. Sharir Chan is excited for the replenishment shipment that TOMS will send in 6 months to all the regions that received shoes, and he remarks that Region 9 (Upper Takutu/Upper Essequibo) will benefit from the next shipment. “These shoes are for children and, as we know, their feet grow pretty quickly, so each child who received new TOMS will receive a replacement from the next shipment as we continue to partner with TOMS.”

Through this dynamic partnership, Guyana Medical Relief Inc. has joined TOMS in its goal to create a better tomorrow by taking compassionate action today.